How to Make Hummingbird Nectar

Hummingbird Feeder with Homemade Hummingbird Nectar

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting on the back porch when a hummingbird showed up.First, he went over to the suet cake we had hanging out there to investigate and then, not finding any food in there for him, he just flitted around for a minute. I tried to call Steve over to look, but he didn’t hear me –  I didn’t want to yell and scare the hummingbird away. The hummingbird only stayed around for a minute – at one point he came right in front of me and hovered. He was close enough for me to reach out and touch! It was so neat! My cell phone was on the table beside me, so I slowly grabbed it, but by the time I got it set to camera and almost ready to take a picture, he zoomed away. One more second and I would have had a great picture!

It was the second hummingbird I saw this weekend, so I decided I was going to get a hummingbird feeder to see if I could attract more of them – and maybe get a picture. My daughter, Kristie was coming over today so we could sit down and choose which of her Graduation Photos we wanted to order extra prints of and I remembered that awhile ago she had mentioned that she had a hummingbird feeder down in her basement that she hadn’t used yet, so I texted her and asked her to bring it over.

We made some homemade hummingbird nectar for the feeder. Here is how it went:

For Hummingbird Nectar, you take one part sugar and 4 parts water – we used 1 cup sugar and 4 cups water because of the easy math and ended up with about the right amount to fill our feeder.

Put the 1 part sugar and 4 parts water in a saucepan and boil it for 2 minutes. We added some red food coloring to it because red attracts hummingbirds, but the food coloring is optional. The red on the hummingbird feeder itself is probably enough, but I like the look of the red water too.

Let the nectar cool down completely and then pour it into the feeder. We used a funnel to make it easier.

We couldn’t find the ‘S’ hook that was supposed to come with the feeder, so Kristie had to improvise. She took the chain and the hook off of the suet cake holder that we had taken down so that we could put up the hummingbird feeder and rigged it so that it would work to hang the hummingbird feeder.


Thanks for the Hummingbird Feeder and for all your help getting it ready Kristie!

Very Pretty! The Hummingbird Feeder looks good too!

Here’s how it looks from the inside looking out. I haven’t seen anymore hummingbirds around yet, but I’m going to keep my eye out!


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    Diane says

    As soon as I put this hummingbird feeder up, it got really cold and I haven’t seen a hummingbird since. I’ll have to get it up earlier next year, that’s for sure!

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