The Price is Right Live at Soaring Eagle!

The Price is Right 3

We had an unexpected surprise this weekend. Some friends of ours ended up with a couple of extra tickets to see ‘The Price is Right Live’ at The Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant MI, so they asked us if we wanted to go with them. Heck Yeah!

I had visions of winning a car or a trip or a bunch of money, but none of that happened – Darn it!!! I didn’t even get my name drawn for one of the free t-shirts! Oh well, it was still fun. :) It was exciting to sit in the audience knowing that there was a chance that your name could be called next – even though it wasn’t.

The disappointment of not being called to ‘Come on Down’ was eased by the fact that even the people who got up on stage didn’t really win much. There was only one person who got a chance to win a car (a Ford Fiesta) playing 10 Chances, but she didn’t win. The only other really big prize was a $1300 trip to Las Vegas in the ‘Any Number’ game. The lady who got to play that game didn’t win either. The biggest winner was a man from Shepherd who won $500 playing ‘Plinko’.

The Price is Right 4


The Price is Right 5

This is Todd Newton who hosted the show. I didn’t know who he was until I saw him. He hosted ‘Whammy’ and was one of the people in the running to host ‘The Price is Right’ when Bob Barker retired. I thought he did a good job. He was pretty funny with what he had to work with. It seemed that all the quiet people in the audience ended up on stage. There were a few people – some sitting right around us- that would have been funnier! Ha!

The Price is Right 1

Look how close we were sitting! We were in the sixth row! It was first come first serve seating. We didn’t think we would get so close because we chose to go out for breakfast after we registered instead of stand in line for 2½ hours like some people did.  We were hungry because we had gotten up at 5am to drive up to the casino to register by 8am for the 11am show.

When we got back from having a nice big breakfast at the Bob Evan’s restaurant down the road, we came in a side entrance and got in a newly formed shorter line! We only had to wait 10 minutes before they opened the Auditorium doors and we got great seats! I think we used up all our luck getting those seats! HaHa!

You can see a couple of people in the audience there with matching t-shirts. There were quite a few people there that had made their own The Price is Right shirts. Some of them were really inventive. One lady had a a ‘Big Wheel’ painted on her shirt right in the middle of her pregnant belly. I think that one was my favorite.

The Price is Right 2

Here I am with my ‘The Price is Right’ name tag. This was when I was still full of hope that I might win something! You can see the ‘Big Wheel’ behind me.

Soaring Eagle

Thought I’d just throw in a random picture of the casino entrance. Of course, I forgot to take one with my camera! If I had taken one, the trees and grass wouldn’t have been so green – the scene would have been a little snowier. :)

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