Quick Trip to Virginia Beach

by Diane on September 8, 2013

Virginia Beach 3

Statue of Neptune on Virginia Beach boardwalk. The Virginia Beach Neptune Festival was in full swing the day we were there.

I’m going back in time a bit today. I’m still trying to catch up on stuff I missed blogging about when I was sidetracked by starting my new job. Steve and I flew down to Virginia Beach to help Trevor and Kylie move their stuff back up here to Michigan. Trevor was going to be deployed for quite a while, so they were giving up their apartment and Kylie was moving home. We flew down on Saturday May 18 and they took us onĀ  a quick tour of Virginia Beach, then we had lunch, then we packed up the rest of their stuff and started driving home!

Virginia Beach 1

Here are Steve, Trevor and Kylie on the Virginia Beach boardwalk – our one and only sightseeing stop! We weren’t lucky enough to get a warm sunny day – it was raining off and on that day and a bit chilly!

Virginia Beach 2

Here’s one with me in it. I look tired already and we still had the long drive to Michigan in front of us!

Virginia Beach 5

Volley Ball nets on the beach. It looks fun when other people are doing it! Ha!

Virginia Beach 4

I had to take a picture of the palm trees.

Virginia Beach 8

Here is Trevor and Kylie’s apartment building.

Virginia Beach 10

How cute are the names of the streets?

Virginia Beach 6

Kylie packing the last few things into their pretty new red car. I got to drive it on the way home and it made me want to buy a new car. Mine is such a clunker compared to theirs. Oh well, someday….

Virginia Beach 7

Steve and Trevor hitching up the car trailer to the moving truck they rented.

Virginia Beach 9

Here is Trevor’s little project car that we were going to tow home. Right now it is sitting out in our backyard with the grass growing up all around it. I hope he can find it when he gets home!

Virginia Beach 11

Trevor driving it up on the trailer.

Virginia Beach 12

Looks good – Whoops! I can’t get out the door!

Virginia Beach 13

Had to get out the hard way! Ha!

Virginia Beach 14

Made it!

Virginia Beach 15

On the road to Michigan. It took awhile to get through the Virginia traffic jams, but once we got through that is was pretty much smooth sailing all the way home. Most of the trip was in the dark which was a bummer because I could tell I was missing some really beautiful scenery. It didn’t make me feel any better when Kylie kept pointing out things in the dark and saying too bad I was missing them because they were awesome! Haha! We will have to go back down there sometime when we have a little more time.


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Kylie September 8, 2013 at 8:09 pm

That was a quick trip to Virginia! Hehe You got some good pictures though, the one of Trevor climbing out of his car cracks me up! :)


Diane September 9, 2013 at 10:10 pm

I know! A big guy crawling out of a little car is always funny!


Sawbuck Steve May 8, 2014 at 4:23 pm

Those garden toads look lazier than my cat and he sleeps 22 hours a day. Eats the rest of the time! :)


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